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Molly Do You Love Me

Molly Do You Love Me
(Stephen C. Foster)

Molly do you love me?
Can the morning beam
Love a lowly flowret
Living in its gleam?
Let one gentle whisper
All my doubts destroy
Let my dreamy rapture
Turn to awaking joy.

Cho: Molly! do you love me?
Tell me, tell me true!
Molly! do you love me,
Love as I love you?

Tell me, by those ringlets,
By those eyes of blue.
Molly! do you love me,
Love as I love you?
Can that voice's music
Flow from heatless glee?
Must I read no feeling
In that melody?

 Ah! my heart has yielded
 To those smiles that play
 With the merry dimples
 All the live-long day.
 Though the tender blossoms
 Need the summer light,
 Let our hearts, united,
 Brave affliction's blight.

Copyright Stephen C. Foster, 1850

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