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Money, Marbles and Chalk

Money, Marbles and Chalk
(Pop Eckler)

There's an old saying that's been all around
I heard before I could walk
How some's got wealth and some's got health
Others money, marbles and chalk

I've got money, marbles and chalk sweetheart
But I still feel like I am poor
For my money won't spend and my marbles won't roll
And my chalk it won't write anymore

While you were here I was happy and gay
Your presence made me for another one day
But you left me for another one day
Now I feel so alone in a crowd

* Refrain

Money, marbles and chalk is alright
For a miser who loves only gold
But give me a chance to save our romance
For I love you with all of my soul

* Refrain

I walk in the rain and I feel no pain,
I'm lost and I'm lonely and blue.
I can't sleep at night and nothing seems right
And I worry a lot about you.

* Refrain

(written & first recorded by Pop Eckler)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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