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Moammar Said to His Men

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Moammar Said to His Men
(Mark Graham)

Moammar said to his men
Fire, men fire
Moammar said to his men
Who's the fool now?
Moammar said to his men
Here comes the Yankee fleet again.
The line of death we must defend
Who's the fool now?

Reagan told the navy brass
The line of death your ships must pass
And Moammar will kiss my ass

The colonel's missles filled the air
I've hit three aircraft fair and square
But Larry Speakes said ``au contraire''
These navy boys, they flew and flew
Their missles fired, their aim was true
They wasted Libya's navy, too

Moammar then shook his fist
And boy, that Libyan sure was pissed.
Said, ``Reagan, sit on it and twist.''

Reagan told his cabinet crew
This is not war we're headed to
But for now it will just have to do.

Moammar said to his men
The line of death I did defend
I am the hero once again.

Copyright Mark Graham

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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