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The Monkey Turned Barber

The Monkey Turned Barber

In Dublin's fair city one grand spark did dwell.
When he went to Liverpool he wasn't well. (bis)
He went into a barber shop for to get shaved,
When a great ugly beast unto him did behave.

cho: Fol de la, fol de lai do, fol de lol, lai o day,
     Fol de la, fol de lai do, fol de lol, lai o day.

"Can you shave a wild Irishman, just from the Sod?"
He looked into Pat's face, gave a wink and a nod.
He picked up the wobbling box right in his paw,
He walloped the soap, and he lathered Pat's jaw.

But when he came his trusty razor to use,
The very first stroke he took a piece of Pat's nose.
He cut him, he scarred him, he bled him full sore;
Like a bull in the slaughter pen Pat he did roar.

The barber came in all trembling with fear
To hear the wild Irishman cursing and swear.
"Pray tell unto me what the matter may be."
"Why, don't you see what your old father has just done to me?"

"Why, that's not my father, my father's dead."
"That was your grandfather's ugly gray head;
He's gone up the chimney and he daresn't come down,
For by the holy St. Patrick I'll crack his old crown."

With cursing and swearing Pat ran through the street;
With one of his comrades he chanced for to meet.
"Pray tell unto me what the matter may be."
"Why, he was dressed like me, bnt he was a monkey."

From Ballads and Songs, Belden
Collected from J.D.Eliff, 1016
DT #525
Laws Q14

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