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The Monkeys' Baseball Game

The Monkeys' Baseball Game
(Tom Paxton)

In E

 E, B7, E
 E, F#7, B7
 B7, E, A, B7
 A, B7, E, A, E, B7, E

 A, E, B7
 A, B7, E, A, E, B7

1. One day the telephone rang-a-lang-lang, way up in the co-co-nut tree
Mister Monkey folded up his paper, "Someone's coalling me."
"Hello, hello, who ya wanna speak to? There's no need to scream!
Some-one wants to play a game, with the monkeys' baseball team.

2. All through the treetops, beating on the cocoanuts, blam-ma-ma-lam-ma boom
Every-one get your uniform on and get to the dressing room
Fielders don't forget your gloves, somebody bring the ball
It's time for the monkeys' baseball game, when we get the telephone call.

cho:      When the monkey's play the monkey's way, you'll be glad you came,
     You never saw the equal of the monkeys' baseball game

3. Chimpanzee played left field, baboon played in right
Orangutan on the pitchers mound was a most imposing sight
But the sight you never saw before and you can bet your hat
Was the mighty roar that went up when the gorilla came to bat


4. The other animals had their team, the pitcher was a kangaroo
First the umpire said strike one, they she said strike two
Gorilla swung his great big bat, the ball flew up in the sky.
It dropped in the beak of the pelican bird as it was flying by.


5. Now, Mister Pelican came to earth just to see the fun
But since he landed over the wall, the umpire said home run!
Gorilla lumbered around the bases, monkeys cheered his name
Oh what fun in the jungle at the monkey's baseball game.


Copyright Tom Paxton

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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