Digital Tradition Mirror


(Jerry Rasmussen)

1. It's the hell of a drive just to say hello
And how are you doing and I miss you so
And why did you have to move so far away
Why to move all the way to Montana

cho:  There's an old yellow photograph from way out West
     And you know that the picture tells the story best
     When you're young and in love you drive a million miles
     Or at least all the way to Montana.

2. It's a long way from knickers and the (high-cut) boots
To a parting down the middle and the brand-new suit.
He could pick any girl in the neighborhood
So he picks one who moves to Montana.

3. So he cranked up his Model T and headed West
Just to prove that his love for her could stand the test.
He pulled into Sydney and he tracked her down
Love can boom even out in Montana.

4. With his hands in his pockets and his shirt-tails up
He could tell in a minute that the fire gone out.
And there's no sense in mooning like a love-sick fool
Who would drive all the way to Montana.

5. Now I s'pose I should tell you how the story ends
And how my dad met my mam and where I began.
From the first time they met he was (c/h)ooked for good
And she'd never even been to Montana.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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