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Mormond Braes

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Mormond Braes

As I went doon to Strichen toon,
I heard a fair maid mourning,
And she was making sair complaint
For her true love ne'er returning.

cho:      So fare ye weel, ye Mormond Braes,

Where often I've been cheery;

Fare ye weel ye Mormond Braes,

For it's there I lost my dearie.

There's many a horse has snappert an' fa'en
And risen again fu' rarely.
There's many a lass has lost her lad
And gotten another right early.

There's as good fish into the sea
As ever hae been taken.
I'll cast my line and I'll try again
For I'm only ainst forsaken.

So I'll go doon to Strichen toon,
Where I was bred and born in,
And there I'll find another sweetheart
Will marry me in the mornin'

Recorded by MacColl, among others

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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