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Morrissey and the Russian Sailor

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Morrissey and the Russian Sailor

Come all ye brave sons of old Ireland, attention I do pray,
While I relate the praises of an Irish hero brave
Concerning of a dreadful light took place the other day,
Between a Russian sailor boy and gallant Morrissey.

Way down in Tierra Del Fuego in South America.
The Russian challenged Morrissey; these words to him did say:
"You are a gallant Irishman, you wear the belt I see:
What would you say, if I'd consent, to have a round with me:"

Then up speaks gallant Morrisey with a heart both stout and strong,
"I am a gallant Irishman, I never was put down--"
Saying, "I can lick you Yankee boys, or your surly Russian bear:
To the honor of old Paddy`s land, these laurels I still will wear.`'

To fight upon the tenth of March these heroes did agree.
The crowd did gather from every port. the battle for to see:
The Russians and the Yankees, it filled their hearts with glee,
For they fully believed their bully brave boy could whip brave Morrissey;.

They both shook hands, walked round the ring, most glorious to be seen,
When Morrisey put on the belt, bound round with shamrock green.
Thev both shook hands, walked round the ring, and then began to fight
Which cheered the hearts of those Irishmen for to behold the sight.

The Russian flew at Morrissey up to the eleventh round,
When Morrissey received a blow that brought him to the ground;
They parried away, without delay, up to the twentieth round,
When Morrissey got another blow that brought him to the ground..

And up into the twenty-seventh, ' twas fall for fall about,
Which caused these foreign tigers to keep a sharp lookout.
The Russian called to his second to bring him a glass of wine,
Brave Morrissey smiles and then replies, "The battle is surely mine."

The twenty-eighth decided all; the Russian felt the smart:
A terrible blow from Morrissey that struck him o`er the heart;
The doctor he was called for, to bleed him at the v
They knew it was a useless matter, for he never would fight again.

DT #694
Laws H18


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