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Afghanistan (Moscow Nights 2)

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Afghanistan (Moscow Nights 2)
(Frank Hayes, Kathy Sobanski)

Moscow nights are cold, but they're crisp and clear
Let's go South for winter this year
To Afghanistan, it's such a lovely land
And the people are Russian as can be.
In Afghanistan, right next to Pakistan,
With it's warm water port upon the Sea.

Exciting things are happening there every day,
And each night a fireworks display
In Afghanistan, it's such a lovely land
And it's warmer by far than Moscovy
In Afghanistan, or maybe old Iran
Where the oil fields are wonderful to see.

Exotic sights to see in each quaint old town--
--those that were not burned to the ground
In Afghanistan, it's such a lovely land
And the natives are friendly as they can be
In Afghanistan, it should be Russian land,
Just a small part of Brezhnev's legacy.

First two verses by Frank Hayes, third from Kathy Sobanski, of Clam Chowder

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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