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The Merchant's Son

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The Merchant's Son

A merchant's son, he lived in wrong
And tae the beggin' he has gone;
He mounted on a noble steed
And awa' wi' pleasure he did ride.

cho: Fal al the dooral i do
     Fal al the day.

A beggar wench he chanced tae meet
A beggar wench of low degree.
He toolc pity on her distress,
An' says: "My lass, you've got a bonny face"

They both inclined noo tae have a drink
Into a public house they both went;
They both drunk ale and brandy too
Till the both o' them got rollin' fu'.

They both inclined noo tae go tae bed
Soon under cover they were laid;
Strong ale and brandy went tae their heid
And both now slept as they were deid.

Later on this wench she rose,
And put on noo the merchant's clothes
With his hat so high and his sword sae clear
For she's awa' wi' the merchant's gear.

Early next morning the merchant rose
And looking round for tae find his clothes
There's nothing left into the room,
But a ragged petticoat and a linsey goun.

The merchant being a stranger to the toon
He put on the old coat and goun;
And down the street he soundly swore
He would never lie with a beggar no more.

Recorded by Norman Kennedy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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