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Mister Fox

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Mister Fox
(John Pole)
  tune by Terry Yarnell

Outside Mr. Fox's garden,
Three maids playing with a golden ball
Jenny threw it up and Susan caught it,
Mary bounced it over the wall
The wall is high; Mr. Fox has a little red eye

In she ran to fetch her ball again,
The garden gate stood open wide
Suddenly, it was locked and bolted
Mr. Fox stood just inside
The wall is high; the grasses shiver and the tall trees sigh

He says, "I'll keep your golden ball, Miss Mary
I shall have it and here you shall stay
You shall keep my house and be my servant
Never stir out for a year and a day"
The wall is high; His smile is cruel and his eyes are sly

Spring and summer passed like shadows
She watched the green leaves fade and fall
She walked alone in the empty garden
Mr. Fox said nothing at all
The wall is high; never a soul came near or by

Three strange things he did forbid her
"Never touch my iron box
Never go near the thirteenth room
Nor near the bed," said Mr. Fox
The wall is high; Mary don't you dare ask why

Mary she rose up one morning
Found an iron box on the shelf
But of all the rooms
There were only twelve

The wall is high; Mary don't you peep and pry
One day Mr. Fox went walking
In that box she found a key
It fitted the door she'd never unfastened

And when she opened it, what did she see?
The wall is high; the key said "run" and the door said "fly"

In Mr. Fox's thirteenth bedroom
A naked sword hung on the wall
In a silver bowl on the bed's black counterpane
There she saw her golden ball

The wall is high; the bed said "come" and the sword said "die"

In she ran to fetch her ball again
To snatch it from that great black bed
Out jumped Mr. Fox and lept at her
His teeth flashed white and his eyes burned red
The wall is high

Copyright John Pole

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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