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Mary Go 'Round

Mary Go 'Round

She suffered more than her share of hard time, I know
And the baby inside her is just now beginning to show
She realizes life's cold surprises
Has left her with no place to go
Her summer is fading, she's patiently waiting for snow

cho: Mary go, Mary go 'round and 'round
     Trumpets are blowing, can;t you hear the sound?
     There's a star in the East, and it shines on the ground
     Mary go, Mary go, Mary go 'round

She feels unwanted, it shows in the pain in her eyes
Sometimes he hears her at night when she lays down and cries
He says he loves her, and in his own way, lord he tries
She says the baby's not his, but some say she lies

Mary, go....

Recorded by David Alan Coe:

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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