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From Mother's Arms to Korea

From Mother's Arms to Korea
(Charles and Ira Louvin)

I just got an unfinished diary;
That I once gave my darling son
It starts the day when he left us;
 And ends 'neath the enemy's gun.

cho: From mother's arms to Korea;
      And tomorrow I'll face the front lines
     But the next line was wrote by his buddies;
      From a foxhole to a mansion on high.

Last night I saw mother Kneeling;
 By the old hearthstone to pray
In my dream, I thought I was with her;
And that's all my darling could say.

Please tell his sweetheart who's waiting;
 For his ship to anchor at shore
To change her plans and forget him;
 Her lips he'll kiss no more.

copyright The Louvin Brothers
Recorded by The Louvin Brothers

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