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Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker

Come all you hearty truckers, I'll tell you of my fame
Waitress pour the coffee, won't somebody pass the cream
A broken heart has brought me to this truck stop here today
A heart that got run over on the interstate highway

It was fifteen years ago today dear mama left our home
She walked out before breakfast, the freeways for to roam
Now they say that ma's a trucker, out on that broad highway
She put on boots and levi's, threw her gingham dress away

cho: What made her give up pots and pans for a gear box and a clutch
     Leave her husband and nine children, who love her very much
     Now she's mother to the truckers as the interstate she roams
     But Lord if you love your children send that mother trucker home

Little did she know the danger as she drove her diesel through
Till she got in a heck of a terrible wreck just outside Kalamazoo
The flames was seen for miles and the streets ran red with gore
We despaired of ever feelin mama's tender touch no more

Three truckers, two state troopers and six cows was lost that day
But thanks to the love of Heaven above dear mama walked away
I ask you hearty truckers, as you travel through this land
Should the mother of nine children face the hazards of a man


Well have you seen her Crystal, tell me have you seen her Pop?
Does she ever stop for a piece of pie down in this old truck stop
She's sweet and prob'ly grayer than she was when she left dad's farm
And a tattooed heart says Father in the crook of her right arm

Well fifteen years of searchin I can't track poor mama down
So I only hope she's happy in that rollin life she's found
One thing I know for certain, when we reach those pearly gates
She'll be truckin souls for Jesus down those golden interstates



Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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