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Mountain Meadows Massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Come all you sons of liberty, unto my rhyme give ear
'Tis of the bloody massacree you presently shall hear
In splendor o'er the mountains some thirty wagons came
They were awaited by a wicked band, oh Utah, bear the blame!

In Indian colors all wrapped in shame this bloody crew was seen
To  flock around this little train all on the meadows green
They were attacked in the morning as they were on their way
They forthwith corralled their wagons and fought in blood array

Till came the captain of the band, he surely did deceive
Saying, "If you will give up your arms we'll surely let you live."
When once they had give up their arms, thinking their lives to save
The words were broken among the rest which sent them to their graves.

When once they had give up their arms they started for Cedar City
They rushed on them in Indian style, oh what a human pity!
They melted down with one accord like wax before the flame,
Both men and women, old and young, oh Utah!, where's thy shame?

Both men and women, old and young, a-rolling in their gore
And such an awful sight and scene was ne'er beheld before
Their property was divided among this bloody crew
And Uncle Sam is bound to see this bloody matter through.

The soldiers will be stationed throughout this Utah land
All for to find those murderers out and bring them to his hands.
By order from their president, this bloody deed was done
He was the leader of the Mormon Church, his name was Brigham Young.

As sung by George Harter for Library of Congress record LBC9
Note:  The event occurred in Mountain Meadows, in southern Utah on
     9/7/1857. The Mormons were considered to be in rebellion against
     the US, even though they sett;led Utah 10 years earlier, when it
     was Mexican. President Buchanan sent federal troops to subjugate
     them and Brigham Young declared martial war. Utah was armed and
     prepared for war. Cedar City, Utah officials decided to destroy
     an incursing wagon train. Af
     the Francher party of 140 pioneers, the "Iron County Militia"
     appeared and offered to broker a truce if the settlers would
     disarm. When they did disarm, the "militia" turned and shot all
     the men. The women and children were left to the Paiutes who, as
     arranged, slaughtered them. The bodies and posessions were
     looted. Only 17 survived.

No evidence was ever produced that Young had personal prion
     knowledge or that he personally participated in the ensuing
     cover-up. A single Mormon was executed for the crime 20 years
     later. A monument was erected on the site in 1932. AJS
DT #386
Laws B19

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