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Muff Lawler the Squealer

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Muff Lawler the Squealer

When Muff Lawler was in jail right bad did he feel
He thought devil the rooster would he ever heel
"Bejabers," says Lawler, "I think I will squeal."
"Yes, do," says the judge to Muff Lawler.

It was down in the office the lawyers did meet,
"Come in, Mr. Lawler"; they gave him a seat.
"Give us your whole history and don't us deceive."
"Bejabers, I will," says Muff Lawler.

"There are some o' thim near," he says, "and more of thim far;
There are some o' thim you'll never catch I do fear."
"If they are on this earth," he says, "we'll have them I'm sure."
"Yes, but bejabers they're dead," says Muff Lawler.

"It's the live ones we want, not the dead ones at all;
"If you want the whole history, you'll have to take the dead ones
     and all."
"Come out with your history or quickly we'll plant
You back in your cell, Mr. Lawler."

"Now I'll commence," he says, "me whole story to tell
When I go back to Shenandoah, I'll be shot sure as hell."
"We'll send you to a country where you're not known so well."
"Bejabers, that's good," says Muff Lawler.

DT #710
Laws E25
From Korson, Pennsylvania Songs and Legends
Michael  "Muff" Lawler was tried in 1876 Schuylkill county Pennsylvania  as
an accessory to murder and turned state's evidence.

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