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There's Many a Man Been Murdered in Luzon

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There's Many a Man Been Murdered in Luzon

'Twas the emancipated race
  That was charging up the hill
Up to where those insurrectos
  Were fighting fit to kill,
The Captain bold of Company B
  Was fighting in the lead,
And like a true born soldier
  He of those bullets took no heed.

cho: For there's many a man been murdered in Luzon
     In Samar, and in Mindanao;
     There's many a man been murdered in the Philippines
     And lies sleeping in some lonesome grave.

Now Private Alexander Green,
  Said to his Captain bold,
"They've got more men upon that hill,
  Tban what we've been told.
So from this action we must hike,
  Our precious lives to save,
For I want you to be a Captain bold,
  When I'm sleeping in my grave:'

"No! no! brave Green;'says Cap,
  "Our duty lies right here;'
And with his trusty blade in hand,
  He led them with a cheer.

Up the hill, with a terrible yell,
  For he was working for a star,
And the Gu-Gus tell how he gave them hell
  For he was a U.S. REGULAR.

Now when that action it was over,
  The wounded strewed the sod,
The Doctor came with the Hospital Corp:
  And a Chinese litter squad.

They found poor Alec where he lay,
  A-wallowlng in his blood,
And they picked him up and took hlm where
  The dressing station stood.

"O never mind your Captain bold"'
  Says Doc to Private Green,
"You've got the worst wound in your head
I believe I've ever seen:"

"O never mind mg head" ,says Green,
 "I want to dle, I do,
For the Captain needs his Alec Green,
  Beyond that pale of blue!'

Now on that hill the Captaln bold,
  In his last grave does reside,
And Private Alexander Green
  Is sleeping by hls side.

The wind a-sighing thru the trees,
 Seems to whisper soft and low,
It's the Captain calllng, "First Sergt. Green"
 And Alec answering "Here- O"

from the Book of Navy Songs, USNA
Note: From the Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1900. "Gu-gu" was
     an appelation used for a native. There's a version of "Wreck
     of the FFV" with the refrain "Manys a man's been killed on
     the railroad ... And lies sleeping in some loonesome grave."
     Anybody know a root song for this? RG


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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