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The Murder of Colonel Sharp

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The Murder of Colonel Sharp

Come gentlemen and ladies, I pray you lend an ear
To a sorrowful transaction that you shall shortly hear.

About a brave young lawyer in old Kentucky State,
Upon his old true-lover with patience he did wait.

She told him she would marry him he'd avenge her heart.
This injury had been done her by one said Colonel Sharp.

She said that he had injured her and brought her spirits low,
And without some satisfaction no pleasure could she know.

They said,"We'll kill him secretly, no-one will ever know."
He said, "We'll kill him secretly (then to Missouri go)."

She made a mask of black silk and slipped it o'er his head,
That he might be taken for another as he ran from his bed.

He slipped along so secretly 'til he came to Colonel Sharp;
He called him from his bedroom and stabbed him to the heart.

Oh wasn't it most pitiful to see him bleed and die
And leave his wife and children to weep and mourn and cry.

They planned it oh, so slyly, it seemed they could not fail,
But the law did apprehend them and placed them both in jail.

You ask me of good people what might be their names-
Well, Jereboam Beauchamp and Annie Cook's their names.

Was there ever a transaction that caused so much blood?
Was there ever a man more truer to his love.

From Sing Out
Collected from Doug Wallin, NC 1983
Note: Based on a true incident that occurred in Frankfort, KY
     in 1824. Sharp had seduced Ann Cook. Later, Jereboam Beauchamp,
     a law student, courted her. She agreed to marriage on the condition
     that he kill Sharp/ He did, but was caught. RG

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