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Mussels in the Corner

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Mussels in the Corner

1.  I took Nellie to a ball,
    Nellie wouldn't dance at all
    Nailed her up against the wall,
    Left her there till Sunday.

    'Deed I am in love with you
    Out all night in the foggy dew
    'Deed I am in love with you,
    Mussels in the corner.

2.  Ask a bayman for a smoke,
    He will say his pipe is broke
    Ask a bayman for a chew
    He will bite it off for you.

3.  Here they come as thick as flies
    Dirty shirts and dirty ties
    Dirty rings around their eyes
    Dirty old Torbay men.

4.  All the people in Belle Isle
    Don't get up till half past nine
    Wash their face in kerosene ile
    Polly, you're a corker!

5.  Elsie Murray, she's so fine,
    Don't get up til half past nine
    Won't get up to feed the swine
    Dirty Elsie Murray.

6.  Here they come in dirty coats,
    Baymen in their little boats
    Wonder that she ever floats
    Dirty old Torbay men.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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