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My Images Come

My Images Come

My images come
From the people who do the work
From the people who sing the songs
From the people who live the life
From the people who get along
    A bottle of rum
    For the demon what always lurk
    For the demon what do me wrong
    For the fury what is my wife
    For the struggle what is my song

    It get me down sometime
    It get me down but only
    A little look around and I find
    That I am not so lonely
    We in the same boat brother!
    We in the same boat brother.

My images come
From the pleasure I had before
From the pleasure I'm stil to know
From the pleasure my dreams provide
From the pleasure I can bestow
    A bottle of rum
    For the trouble what's at my door
    For the toruble where'ere I go
    For the misfortunes I abide
    And for the courage I am trying to show

My images come
From the woman what's on my knee
From the woman what's in my head
From the woman out in the sun
From the woman what shares my bed
    A bottle of rum
    For a broken love's misery
    For a love what has grown so dead
    For a love spent so foolishly
    For illusions what I've been fed

My images come
From the world in which I live
From the world I love so well
From the world of change and light
And the Lord of which I tell
    A bottle of rum
    For the feelings I cannot give
    For the feelings what fears impell
    For the screams of a fraught-filled night
    And the time what is spent in hell

Words & music by Don Cooper
Copyright 1983 New Mutant Music
Recorded by Gordon Bok, Ann Mayoe Muir & Ed Trickett on
"All Shall Be Well Again", Folk-Legacy FSI-96, 1983

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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