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My Rough and Rowdy Ways

My Rough and Rowdy Ways

Bob Pfeffer

SOURCE'S SOURCE: Jimmy Rodgers, My Rough and Rowdy Ways (RCA LPM-2112)

     D                         G                 D
For years and years I rambled, drank my wines and gambled
 G              D
A7     D
But one day I thought I'd settle down
   D             D7        G                D
I met a perfect lady; she said she'd be my baby
    E                             A   A7
We built a cottage in the old home town
      D            A7            D
yodel ay-hee o, a-lay-hee ay, a-lay-hee.
               D         D7              A                 D
CHORUS:   But somehow I can't forget my good old rambling days
               E                              A   A7

The railroad trains are calling me always
             D               D7

I may be rough, I may be wild
             G                G7

I may be tough and counted vile
                 D                A                        D

But I can't give up my good old rough and rowdy ways
                D       A        D

yodel ay-hee, I-hee, olay-hee.

Sometimes I meet a bounder who knew me when I was a rounder
He grabs my hand and says, "Boy, have a drink."
We go down to the poolroom, get in the game and then soon
The daylight comes before I've had a wink.
yodel ay-hee o, d'lay-hee o, d'lay-hee, I-hee olay....

yodel ay-hee odle ay-hee
yodel ay-hee odle ay-hee
yodel ay-hee I-hee olay-hee

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