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The Man that Talks Trash Every Day

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The Man that Talks Trash Every Day
(David Diamond)

My name's Rush Limbaugh,
And I have a fine show
And I don't give a damn what I say.
It's easy and free,
When you listen to me,
I'm the man that talks trash every day.

In the days of my youth
I tried telling the truth
But I found that it just doesn't pay.
Mere facts are the tools
Of those Liberal fools
And they might scare my audience away.

Although speech is free
In this count-ery
It is I who must have the last say,
And if you disagree
And telephone me
I'll insult you without more delay.

My trademark and style
Is invective that's vile
For Feminist, Liberal or Gay.
Genghis Kahn's to my left
I'm of mercy bereft
For the perverts who don't think my way.

So you may think it's free
When you listen to me
But it's not worth the price that you pay.
Though you don't feel the pain
Still I'm rotting your brain
With the trash that I talk every day.

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