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Bonaparte's Farewell

Bonaparte's Farewell

Farewell to the land, where the gloom of my glory
Arose and o'ershadow'd the earth with her name!
She abandons me now--but the page of her story,
The brightest or blackest, is fill'd with my fame;
I have war'd with a world which vanquished me only
When the meteor of conquest allured me too far;
I have coped with the nations which dread me thus lonely,
The last single captive to millions in war!

Farewell to thee, France!--When thy diadem crown'd me,
I made thee the gem and the wonder of earth!--
But thy weakness decrees I should leave as I found thee,
Decay'd in thy glory and sunk in thy worth!
Oh! for the veteran hearts that were wasted
In strife with the storm, when their battles were won--
Then the Eagle, whose gaze in that moment was blasted,
Had still soar'd with eyes fixed on Victory's sun!

Farewell to thee, France!--but when Liberty rallies
Once more in thy regions, remember me then --
The violet grows in the depth of thy valleys:
Though withered, thy tears will unfold it again;
Yet, yet, I may baffle the hosts that surround me,
And yet may thy heart leap awake to my voice!--.
They are links which must break in the chain that has bound us;
Then turn thee, and call on the Chief of thy choice!

H. DE MARSAN Publisher Songs, Ballads, toy books, paper dolls,
small playing cards, motto verses, &c 54 Chatham St N. Y.

Air: Captain, O'Kean.

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