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New England Ballad

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New England Ballad

Will you please give ear a while unto me,
And straight I will tell you where I have been.
I've been to New England, but now have come o'er,
I think they shall catch me go thither no more
I think they will catch me go thither no more.

Before I went thither, Lord how folks did tell,
How wishes did grow and how birds did dwell,
All one 'mongst t'other in the wood and the water,
I thought that was true, but I found no such matter. (2)

When first I did land, they 'mazed me quite,
And 'twas of all days on a Saturday night;
I wondered to see strange buildings were there,
'Twas all like the standings at Woodbury Fair.  (2)

Well, that night I slept 'til near prayer time,
Next morning I wondered I heard no bells chime:
At which I did ask and the reason I found
'Twas because they had ne'er a bell in the town.  (2)

At last being warned, to church we repaired,
Where I did think certain we should have some prayers;
But the parson there no such matter did teach,
They scorned to pray for all one could preach.  (2)

The first thing they did, a psalm they did sing,
I plucked out my Psalm-book I with me did bring;
And tumbled to seek it, 'cause they called it by name,
But they'd got a new song to the tune of the same.  (2)

Now this was New Dorchester, as they told unto me,
A town very famous in all that country;
They said 'twas new buildings, I grant it is true,
Yet methinks Old Dorchester's as fine as the new. (2)

Printed in Silverman, American History Songbook

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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