Digital Tradition Mirror


(J. McCarthy)

As I leave behind Neidin
It's like purple splashed on green.
My soul is strangely lead
Through the winding hills ahead.
And she plays a melody
On winds and streams for me.

cho: Won't you remember, won't you remember,
     Won't you remember me?

And we wind and climb and fall
Like the greatest waltz of all,
Float across the floor
Her sweet breath outside the door.
And it's time that I was gone
Cross the silver tear.

As I leave behind Neidin
In the hall where we have been,
Rhododendrons in her hair,
In the mountain scented air
I still fellher spirit song
Cross the silver tear.

(Source: Folksongs and Ballads popular In Ireland, Vol. IV, Ossian
     Publications)copyright: Little Rox Music

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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