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I'll Never Go Back

I'll Never Go Back
(Charles & Ira Louvin/Acuff-Rose, BMI)

I once was bound by the chains of sin.
There was no light to shine within.
Down on my knees I knelt and prayed,
And He took my burdens all away.

cho: I'll never go back to the ways of sin.
     Where the Lord found me and took me in.
     He came to me and I won't go back. (?)
     To the ways of sin I'll never go back.

As I travel on this narrow way,
I'll help the lost to find their way.
I'll shine my light so the world can see
What a saving grace has done for me.

At the set of sun I'll be going home,
To rest my soul around the throne.
I'll bid farewell in a little while,
And change my tears for a lasting smile.

As sung by the Louvin Brothers on "Songs That Tell a Story," 1981,
and in the Rounder collection "Hills of Home," 1995.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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