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New Harmony

New Harmony
(Craig Johnson)

   And I've been sitting by the Ohio
   Watching the tow boats rollin' up slow
   Thinkin' of the places we used to go
   You've been on my mind

1. Evening hillside, summertime
   Jars we filled with fireflies
   I remember you and I
   Say, it's been a long long time

2. Rain across the bottom land
   broken stones from an old mill dam
   West wind blowin' in the dawnin' day
   Enough to blow the blues my way

3. Rusty rails, an old river town
   whistle blowin' New Orleans bound
   Cornfields waitin' for the plow
   All those things I can't tell you now.

4. Indiana country roads,
   Winter's sky so deep and cold
   New moon's arms, cradle the old
   Come home songs on the radio.

copyright Craig Johnson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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