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New Yankee Doodle

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New Yankee Doodle

The British long have rul'd the Seas,
With haughty gasconading,
And chaunting songs their Feats of Praise
While others they're degrading.

cho: Yankee Doodle, fire away
     Cannon loud as thunder
     From brave Decatur, Jones, & Hull,
     Makes Johnny bull knock under.

How we can sing & chaunt likewise,
Of Yankee skill in fighting
Behold, Decatur, with his Prize
Bold Britons now are striking.

The British thought we had not spunk -
To try them on the Ocean;
But since we've took, & Burnt & Sunk
They've got An Other Notion.

They'll find they've not Monsieur to Meet
But Yankee Boys of Mettle
Who will their Measure all defeat
Unless they shortly settle

To Press our Men they claim the right
But blast their Imposition
We'll let the rascalls know, we'll fight
In Preference to submission

Huzza my Boys we'll fight away
Untill they cry Pecarie;
Or, with our well aim'd Yankee play
Soon send them to Old Davy

Final cho:     Yankee doodle crack away
     With cannon loud as thunder
Our Yankee Boys will show them play
Till Johnny Bull knock under

(Loose sheet, Folder 3.3, MS 25 (Wendell Collection),
Portsmouth Athaneum


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