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I Live Not Where I Love (2)

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I Live Not Where I Love (2)

Loyal lovers, that are distant
From your sweethearts, many a mile,
Pray come and help me at this instant
In mirth to spend away the while
Singing sweetly and completely
In commendation of my love
Resolving ever to part never
Though I live not where I love

My  constancy shall ne'er be failing
Whatso'er betide me here,
Of her virtue I'll be telling
Be my biding far or near
And though blind fortune prove uncertain
From her presence me to remove
Yet I'll be constant every instant
Though I live not where I love

Thouh our bodies thus are parted,
And asunder many a mile,
Yet I vow to be true-hearted
And be faithful all the while.
Though with mine eye I cannot spy
For distance great my dearest love,
My heart is with her all together
Though I live not where I love

The birds shall leave their airy region
The fishes in the air shall fly,
All the world shall be one religion
All living things shall cease to die
All things shall change to shapes most strange,
Above that I disloyal prove,
Or any way my love decay,
Though I live not where I love

original version atributed to  Martin Parker, c1630s.
[tune: I live not where I love]

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