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Nowel Syng We

Nowel Syng We

 Nowell sing we now all and some
 For Rex Pacificus is come

 In Bethlehem that fair city
 A child was born of a maiden free
 That shall a Lord and Prince be
 a solis ortus cardine

 Children were slain full great plenty
 Jesu for the love _ of _ thee
 Wherefore their solees saved be
 Hostis Herodes impie

 As the sun shineth through the glass
 So jesu in His _ Mother was
 Thee to serve now grant us grace
 O lux beata Trinitus

 Now God is come to honour us
 Now of Mary is _ born Jesus
 Make we merry among us
 Exultet coelum laudibus

English Carol of the 15th Century
TUNE POSTED 12/1/1999

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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