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The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen

When I was a lad, a tiny wee lad, my mother said to me,
""Come see the Northern Lights my boy, they're bright as they can be.""
She called them the heavenly dancers, merry dancers in the sky,
I'll never forget that wonderful sight, they made the heavens bright.

cho: The Northern Lights of Aberdeen are what I long to see
     I've been a wand'rer all of my life and many a sight I've seen.
     God speed the day when I'm on my way to my home in Aberdeen.

I've wandered in many far-off lands, and travelled many a mile,
I've missed the folk I've cherished most, the joy of a friendly smile.
It warms up the heart of the wand'rer the clasp of a welcoming hand.
To greet me when I return, home to my native land.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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