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Nut Brown Maiden

Nut Brown Maiden

cho: Ho ro my nut-brown maiden,
     Hee ree my nut-brown maiden,
     Ho ro ro maiden,
     For she's the maid for me.

Her eye so mildly beaming,
Her look so frank and free,
In waking or in dreaming,
Is evermore with me.

O Mary, mild-eyed Mary,
By land or on the sea,
Though time or tide may vary
My heart beats true for thee.

And since from thee I parted,
A long and weary while,
I wander heavy hearted
With longing for thy smile.

Mine Eyes that never vary
From pointing to the glen
Where blooms my Highland Mary
Like wild rose 'neath the ben.

And when the blossoms laden,
Bright summer comes again,
I'll fetch my nut-brown maiden
Down from the bonnie glen.

"One of the most popular songs of the Highlands, this was translated
from the Gaelic in the nineteenth century by the Scottish poet John
Stuart Blackie."
(From ""Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales", William Cole,
Doubleday & Company, Inc.

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