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Oak Grove Church

Oak Grove Church
(Reno & Harrell)

There's an old church so dear
Standing lonesome and still
                D7       G
And in memory it's still to me
A place still so sweet where I heard as a boy
The old hymn 'Near My God to Thee'

Oh, the wonderful, beautiful memories untold
     (Oh, the memories untold)
C              G
In that old precious Oak Grove of old
     (Oak Grove of old)
                  D7     G
Will live on 'til the end of time

Oh, the wonderful, heavenly savior was there
     (Oh, the savior was there)
Gather us each time that old church bell would toll
     (Each time that bell tolled)
Looking for his lost sheep to find.

Then I heard Mother sing, and I heard Daddy pray
With the tears running down their face
Many now have passed on
Whose souls there were saved
While we all sang 'Amazing Grace.'

There's still an Oak Grove where I played as a boy
And I'm sure there is still a well
And I know every spring sweeter still the birds sing
Some will nest in the old church bell.

Copyright Reno & Harrel

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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