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O, Fu' Will I Get Hame

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O, Fu' Will I Get Hame

Ask my feet and then my noddle
Brandy rumbles in my wime
My feet they winna tak the gate
And, O fu', will I win hame?

cho: Aye fu' and seldom sober
     Aye fu' ere I win hame.

I got five shillings frae a frien'
To buy a coat to my auldest son
But the weary drouth cam in my throat
And I drank it a' ere I wan hame.

I've selt the sheen aff o' my feet
I also sold my spottit gown
My tartan shawl is in the pawn
And O, fu' will I win hame?

I've selt the meal oot o' the kist
My husband never did me blame
The mice and rats were blamed for that
And O, fu' will I win hame?

To kerk and session I've been summoned
A far to gr me think shame,
But the folk hereaboot they a' ken me
An they ca' me drunken Jeannie Deans.

The Allan Water it's too close
And I will fall into the stream
I hae a man and bairnies three
And O, fu' will I win hame?

note: on of the relatively few songs about the drunken female.
From the Greig-Duincan Collection
Collected from Rev. James B. Duncan

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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