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Old Adam

Old Adam

When Adam was first created,
And Lord of the Universe crowned,
His happiness was not completed,
Until than a help-mate was found.

He'd all things in food that were wanting
TO keep and support him in life,
He'd horses and foxes for hunting,
Which some men love more than a wife.

He'd a garden so planted by nature
Man cannot produce in his life
But yet the all-wise Creator
Still saw that he wanted a wife.

Then Adam he lay in a slumber,
And there he lost part of his side,
And when he awoke, with a wonder,
He beheld his most beautiful bride.

In transport he gaz-ed upon her,
His happiness was not complete
He prais-ed his beautiful donor,
Who had thus bestowed him a mate.

She was not took out of his head, sir,
To reign and to triumph o'er man;
Not was she took out of his feet, sir,
By man to be trampled upon.

But she was took out of his side, sir,
His equal and partner to be,
But as they're united in one, sir,
The man is the top of the tree.

Then let not the fair be despis-ed,
By man, as she's part of himself,
For woman by Adam was priz-ed
More than the whole world full of wealth.

Man without woman's a beggar,
Suppose the whole world he possessed
And the beggar that's got a good woman
With more than the world he is blest.

Heard at Highworth, Upper Thames, sung by a Blacksmith named Barrett
copyright Heirs of Alfred Williams, collected circa 1914-16
recorded by Copper Family on either Coppersongs 2 or 3

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