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Old Brown's Daughter

Old Brown's Daughter

There's an ancient party at the other end of town
They keep a little Chandler's shop, their ancIent names are Brown
They're such a jolly party, such a party I never saw
But by jingo I should like to be that old party's son-in-law.

cho: Old Brown's daughter she's a proper sort of girl,
     Old Brown's daughter she's as fair as any pearl,
     I wish I were a Lord Mayor, a Marquis or an Earl
     I'm blowed if I would marry old Brown's girl.

Old Brown keeps a shop, sells anything you please
Treacle, wood, buns and soap, lollipops and cheese
Miss Brown she minds the shop, it's a treat to see her serve
I'd like to run away with her but I haven't got the nerve.

Old Brown is often troubled with the gout,
He grumbles in his little parlour when he can't get out
Miss Brown she smiles so sweetly when she hands me the change
She makes me feel so galvanised I feel so very strange

Miss Brown she smiles so sweetly when I say a tender word
Brown says she'll marry a marquis or a lord,
I don't suppose that ever one of those swells I shall be
But by Jingo next election I shall put up as MP.

Recorded by Damien Barber, Voices.
Collected from Walter Pardon who learned it from Billy Gee

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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