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I Know an Old Canaller

I Know an Old Canaller

I know an old canaller, his name is Simon Slick
He had a mule with dreamy eyes, Lord how that mule could kick
He'd wink his eyes, he'd wag his tail and greet you with a smile
He'd gently telegraph his leg and send you half a mile

Whoa, mule, whoa.  Why don't you hear them holler
Tie a knot right in his tail so he don't slip through his collar
Why don't they put him on a track, why don't they let him go
And every time he comes around, shout whoa, mule, whoa

Now this mule he was a daisy, he pulverized a hog
Dissected seven Chinamen, and he kicked a yellow dog
He'd kick as quick as lightning, and he had an iron jaw
He's just the mule to have around to tame your mother in law

Whoa, mule, whoa.  I'm done with you forever.
You ain't no good, you never was, and you never will be neither
You're going to die and take a trip to that hot place below
Old Satan see you coming in, he'll yell, whoa, mule whoa


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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