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Poor Old Maid

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Poor Old Maid

Here I am, as you can see, poor old maid
All the way from Kankakee, poor old maid
My disposition's very mild
I'm just as meek as a little child
And for a husband I am wild, poor old maid

My younger sisters all are wed, poor old maid
From living single, I'm nearly dead, poor old maid
I pull my nightcap o'er my head
No loving words to me are said
All alone I go to bed, poor old maid

I dreamed a dream the other night ...
Oh that dream was out of sight ...
I dreamed a man at my window scaled
His moustache brushed my cheek so pale
I woke and found it was the tomcat's tail ...
I'm wandering from sea to sea
For any man whoe'er he be
It seems there is no hope for me
For while spring chickens are so free
The boys don't want old hens like me

Dressed in yellow, pink, and blue
My heart is almost broke in two
Dressed in yellow, pink and blue
I'm just as fresh as the morning dew
Boys, I'll have just any of you

see also Old Maid Song Old Maid in the Garret
printed in Folksongs of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shellans
Collected from John Daniel Vass

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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