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The Old Maid (4)

The Old Maid (4)

I am an auld maid and I live in a garret
Naebody to help or to cheer
My only companions a cat and a parrot
Losh sirse, but it is unco drear

Than what do ye think o' my case, my friends
And what dae ye think I should dee
I wad be unco fain o' a hame o' my ain
And a gude wife I'm sure I wad be

But I want nae a man who is dashing and gay
Or a man who lives only for gain
Or one that's devoted to sporting and play
Or a fop who is silly and vain

But let me be gudewife to a clouthie gudeman
Who is fearless and honest and true
And the rule of whose life is the grand scripture plan
Do as you would have others do

And give me a croft at the foot o' a hill
Wi' gowans upon the green sward
In sight an' in sound o' a clear sparkling rill
A peat stack and a bonnie kailyard

We could never be dull with our work to attend
We would always have plenty to do
Our evenings in summer 'mang our flowers we would spend
In the long winter nichts read and sew

printed in Gavin Grieg

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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