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Time to Be Made a Wife

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Time to Be Made a Wife

One day as I was walking, I saw a lovely maid
Was with her father talking, and this to him she said:
"I'm sixteen years of age, you know, I'm tired of my life.
Father, I think it is high time that I was made a wife."

"Oh! daughter, daughter, don't say so, I think you are too young."
Young men they will talk falsehood, they have such flattering tongues."
"I cares not for their flattering tongues, but married I will be,
When my mother she was married she was not as old as me."

Besides, my sister Mary, you very well do know,
She had not long been married not many months ago,
And now a baby she has got to dance all on her knee,
I think it's time that I had one, I'm near as old as she.

My mother says I am too young, and that is to my sorrow
But, if a husband I could get, I would not wait tomorrow.
Be he a tinker or a tailor, it's all as one to me,
I'll work and keep him in the house, and use him tenderly.

Besides, a good wife I will be and never on him frown,
I'll give him money for to spend in any house in town.
I'll give him money for to spend, you need not be afraid,
So come, young men, come marry me; don't let me die a maid.

From The Constant Lovers, Purslow

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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