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I'm Too Old to Be a Scab

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I'm Too Old to Be a Scab
(T-Bone Slim [Valentine Huhta])

 Goodbye, master, I must leave you,
    Something tells me I must go,
     For you know I can't deceive you,
     Going wage is too darn low.
     Yes, you say that you will lead me
     If I chop that hardwood cord;
     Do not to temptation lead me,
     I'm not toiling for my board.

 If I work for bread and lodging
     While the sun is high and warm,
     It would cause me sundry dodging
     Through the winter's cold and storm.
     I must have the all that's in it
     In the labor that I sell;
     For you cannot tell what minute
     It may start to rain like hell.

 One more question, boss, one only --
     As you count your wealth untold,
     Would you have me save bologna
     'Gainst the day when I am old ?
     Now we understand each other,
     (As we play the game of grab)
     But, please do recall, "my brother",
     I'm too old to be a scab.

(IWW Songbook, 21st Edition, 1925)


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