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Old Smoky (Korea Version)

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Old Smoky (Korea Version)

I went to Seoul City,
Where I met a Miss Lee.
She said "for a short time,
Please come home with me".

I went to her hootchie,
A room with hot floors.
I left my shoes outside
And slid shut the doors.

She took off her long johns
And unrolled the pad.
I gave her ten thousand.
'Twas all that I had.

Her breath smelled of kimchee,
Her breast it was flat.
No hair on her pussy,
Now how about that!

I asked to go benjo.
She took me outside.
I reached for Old Smokey,
He crawled back inside.

I went to the medics,
Said "What should I do?"
The doc was astounded,
Old Smoky was blue!

When you go to Seoul City
On your next three day pass
Don't go to Lee's hootchie
Sit flat on your ass.

Your ass may get tender
And Lee may tempt you.
But better the red ass
Than Old Smoky turned blue!

note: Collected, in Korea, by Bill Wooton

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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