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Take an Old Cold 'Tater (And Wait)

Take an Old Cold 'Tater (And Wait)

When I was a little boy around the table at home
I remember very well when company would come
I would have to be right still until the whole crowd ate
My Mama always said to me "Jim take a tater and wait."

Now 'taters never did taste good with chicken on the plate
But I had to eat 'em just the same
That is why I look so bad and have these puny ways
Because I always had to an old cold 'tater and wait.

And then the preachers they would come to stay awhile with us
I would have to slip around and raise a little fuss
In fear that I would spill the beans or break the china plate
My Mama always said to me, "Jim, take a 'tater and wait."


Well I though that I'd starve to death before my time would come
All that chicken they would eat and just leave me the bun
The feet and neck were all that's left upon the china plate
It makes you pretty darn weak to take an old cold 'tater and wait.


Recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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