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Omie Wise (2)

Omie Wise (2)
(Adapted by Clarance Ashley)

Poor Omie, poor Omie,
Poor little Omie Wise,
How she was deluded,
By John Lewis's lies.

He promised to meet her
At Adams's Spring;
He would bring her some money,
Some other fine things.

Her, fool-like, she met him
At Adams's Spring;
He brought her no money,
No other fine things.

He brought her no money,
But he flattered the case,
"We will go and get married,
It will be no disgrace."

She jumped up behind him
And away they did go.
Till the come to the river
Where deep water flow.

"John Lewisie, John Lewisie,
Will you tell me your mind?"
"Mind mind is to drown you
And leave you behind."

"Take pity on my infant
And spare me my life;
I'll go and confess
That I'm not your wife."

He kicked her and he choked her
And he turned her around,
Then he threw her in deep water
Where he knew she would drown.

(c) Copyright 1963 Stormking Music, Inc.
From the singing of Clarance Ashley. Folkways FA 2359.
DT #627
Laws F4

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