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Only a Cowboy

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Only a Cowboy

Away out in old Texas that great Lone Star State,
Where the mocking bird whistles both early and late
It was in western Texas on the old N A range,
The boy fell a victim on the old staked plains.

cho: He was only a cowboy gone on before,
     He was only a cowboy, we will never see more
     He was doing his duty on the old N A range
     But now he is sleeping on the old staked plains.

His crew they were numbered twenty-seven or -eight
The boys were like brothers their friends    was great
When "O God have mercy"  was heard from behind
The cattle were left to drift on the line.

He leaves a dear wife and little ones too.
To earn them a living, as fathers oft do;
For while he was working for the loved ones so dear
He was took without warning or one word of cheer.

And while he is sleeping where the sun always shines
The boys they go dashing along on the line;
The look on their faces it speaks to us all
Of one who departed to the home of the soul.

From Cowboy Songs, Lomax
DT #642
Laws G33


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