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Onl a Miner

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Onl a Miner

The hard-working miners, their dangers are great,
Many while mining have met their sad fate,
While doing their duties as miners all do
Shut out from the daylight and their darling ones, too.

cho: He's only a miner been killed in the ground,
     Only a miner, and one more is found;
     Killed by an accident, no one can tell
     His mining's all over, poor miner, farewell.

He leaves his dear wide, and little ones, too
To earn them a living as miners all do.
While he was working for those whome he loved
He met a sad fate from a boulder above.

With a heart full of sorrow we bid him farewell,
How soon we may follow, there's no one can tell.
God pity the miners, protect them as well
And shield them from danger while down in the ground.

From Archie Green, Only a Miner. Recorded 1928 by the Kentucky
     Thorobreds; Greenway, 1961, Hedy West 1962
Note: One of a family: Only a Cowboy, Only a Tramp etc.
DT #642
Laws G33

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