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Only a Miner (2)

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Only a Miner (2)
("Captain Jack" Crawford)

Only a miner killed - oh! is that all?
One of the timbers caved, great was the fall,
Crushing another one shaped like his God.
Only a miner lad - under the sod.

Only a miner killed, just one more dead.
Who will provide for them - who earn their bread?
Wife and the little ones: pity them, God,
Their earthly father is under the sod.

Only a miner killed, dead on the spot,
Poor hearts are breaking in yonder lone cot.
He died at his post, a hero as brave
As any who sleeps in a marble top grave.

Only a miner killed! God, if thou wilt,
Just introduce him to Vanderbilt,
Who, with his millions, if he is there,
Can't buy one interest - even one share.

Only a miner, bury him quick;
Just w'rite his name on a piece of a stick.
Though humble and plain be the poor miner's grave
Beyond, all are equal, the master and slave.

From Only a Miner, Green
Note:  John Wallace (Captain Jack) Crawford (1847-1917) was  an  ex-cowboy,
ex-Indian-fighter  who wound up on the stage (lecture and otherwise).  This
was  a  recitation  (though  it sings OK to the tune  of  Only  a  Cowboy);
reputedly  it was inspired by a miner's death on the same day in 1877  that
Commodore Vanderbilt died. RG

DT #642
Laws G33

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