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Oregon Country

Oregon Country
(Jinx Davis)

Fall comes to Oregon, summer is gone
Up on the mountain I'm watching the dawn
Sippin' hot coffee and watchin' the breeze
That rolls down the canyons and brings my mind ease

    Well it's Oregon country, the rain's comin' down
    Water is soakin' the ground all around
    Inside there's a fire, good friends all around
    Oregon country, the rain's comin' down

It's autumn in Oregon, a chill in the air
Fog in the morning, the afternoon fair
Down the Columbia clouds roll away
Watching the end of an Oregon day

High up in the Cascades the snow starts to fall
Out over Malheur you'll hear the geese call
Winds off the ocean chase clouds 'cross the sky
I can smell that rain comin' and I'm feelin' high


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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