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It's Organic

It's Organic

         by Patti Hall

1. We used to all live in the city, and feast
   On big Macs and Ripple, or Twinkies at least,
   But now we all live in the country, and say,
   "If you don't eat organic, it's just not the way."
   We've thrown out old habits of unhealthy vice,
   We now eat fresh seaweed and short grained brown rice,
   By planting a garden we've cleaned out our souls.

   It's organic, organic, organic, you see
   Crunchy granola, and camomile tea,
   Be sure to put wheat germ in all that you eat,
   Throw out your Ding-Dongs, and never eat meat.

2. Oh, Marty's our neighbor, he lives up the hill,
   He gave up hostess cupcakes, and old Taco Bell,
   I went over to borrow some yogurt one night,
   Walked in his kitchen and met with this sight,
   He was stirring up catnip and grasshopper heads,
   As he fried up this banquet, he looked up and said,
   "I know it looks putrid, it tastes just like hell,
   But, man, it's organic, that makes it all swell."

3. Hilary lives upstairs alone in her room,
   She reads Adelle Davis and weaves on her loom.
   There are rumors, though, that Hilary, despite what she says,
   Keeps a big box of Hershey bars stashed under her bed.
   But we forgive these transgressions, and don't say a word,
   When one of us slips, and eats something absurd,
   We all sneak our Fritos in moments of stress,
   But at least we're organic, when there's friends to impress.

   from the singing of Carly Gewirz, who learned it in California when
   she was getting her Masters.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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