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The Orphans' Wedding

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The Orphans' Wedding
(Andy M. Stewart)

One fine summer's morning as nature was blooming,
And good folk held tae the church bell,
Two young lovers by life were deceived
And their story I sadly will tell.

For all the town knew of our wedding,
Now all the town knows of our shame.
And I've been broken for ever,
By the stranger who told me my name.

She came from the city to help in the harvest,
I worked in the field by her side
And all the long winter I courted my love,
By the summer I made her my bride.

And happy were we for the first time together
Since the Great War had taken our kin,
'Til a man from the government came to our door,
And asked if I might let him in.

With a voice that was colder than the wind o'er the mountains
Or a spray from a winter-blown sea,
He said that together we could not remain,
For brother and sister were we.

Now in summer I roam in the deep glens and quiet
To sit by their dark waters' side,
And there I think only on her that I shamed
And all by the taking of a bride.

From singing of Silly Wizard

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